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Interact with Your Customers Directly

By using our Chat Service you're allowing your customers to contact you directly via chat. Imagine a customer browsing your web page and a question is coming up – of course he wants it to be answered as quickly as possible. He could write an email or give you a call but our new Chat Service is a quicker and easier option for both you and your customer.

The concept is easy to grasp: Whenever one of your customers has a question regarding your products, services or website he can contact you directly via a chat window and get an immediate response from you.

In order to deal with many requests at once you can have several customer advisors responding to different chats. In order to avoid confusion, this works with the principle of "first come, first serve". However, if you would like to forward a chat to a colleague at one point, you also have the option to do that.

As with any of our services our Chat Service is easy to integrate into your website, regardless of where it is hosted or what technology you're using.

Several Customer Advisors

Re­act to many customer requests at once by having sev­eral advi­sors responding to them.

Customised Design

Make our chat ser­vice your own by choos­ing a design that per­fectly works with the style of your website.

Chat Bot

Send automat­ic respons­es to your customers, e.g. to let them know that there is no customer advi­sor avail­able at the mo­ment.


Wait­ing for a request to come in via chat can get quite bor­ing, so we made sure that our Chat Ser­vice works in the background as long as you keep your brows­er open. You will get no­ti­fied when­ev­er a new chat pops up.


Inter­ested in Stats? We've got you covered! See how many chats you've responded to in the last few days, the duration of an av­erage chat and more!

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