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Customizable forms for your own website

Our form service is a convenient tool that lets you create easy-to-integrate forms to use on your own website. It is applicable to anybody so you can work with it no matter what technology you are using or where your website is hosted - no database is required! To create a form you get to choose between one of our predefined templates – such as our contact form or our registration form which you can then customize to precisely fit your needs. After configuring your form, you’ll be able to integrate it into your website by inserting the generated code into your own HTML. When setting up your form you can select to receive an email notification on every new form submission. You can also choose to let the user receive a confirmation email! All of the submitted data can then be exported in CSV format so that it is easy for you to work with!

Admin Interface

Config­ure your form and the recipi­ents of no­tification emails. View, delete and export submitted data. Pre­view your form and find in­structions on how to integrate it into your website.

Data Validation

Spec­ify which type of data you expect and the data users submit will automat­ically be val­idated. Users will be shown appropriate error messages if they submit invalid data.

Encrypted Data Transfer

The data users submit is trans­ferred through a secure SSL channel. This al­lows you to use our form ser­vice if your site is SSL encrypted and stops oth­ers from inter­cepting form submis­sions.

CSV Export

In addition to viewing the submitted data in our admin interface you may also export it to a csv file which can be opened in a multitude of different tools (e.g. Open or Microsoft Office).

Notification / Confirmation Emails

Specify one or more recipients who are to receive a notification email on new form submissions. Also let users receive a customizable confirmation email after submitting a form.

Collaborate With Others

Allow other Micromerce users to access your admin interface and let them configure your form or view the submitted data.

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