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Build a novel relation with your customers

We created a loyalty program instead of a bonus points program because we think that building a strong relation with your customers is more valuable than giving them rebates by redeeming points. Your customers advance in loyalty levels as they collect points, receiving greater benefits as their loyalty level increases. Since you define the benefits your customers receive, the service can be adopted for almost any business case. Our statistics on users and activities will give you a deep insight into your customers and help you to understand them beter than before.

Building strong relations with your customers is a key ingredient to a successful business. With our loyalty service you can build and extend existing customer relations as well as reward your most loyal customers, creating a benefit for your customers AND your business.

Customer Insights

Our extensive statis­tics al­low your to get in­sights on your customers and their activ­ities al­lowing you to opti­mize your busi­ness better than before.

myLoyalty community

Our companion site my-loyalty.com al­lows to you reach out to po­tential customers which already know our loyalty ser­vice from oth­er partners.

Multichannel Support

By pro­viding your customers with a QR code based loyalty card they will be able to col­lect points in stores just as eas­ily as they do on­line.

Refer a Friend

Our built in ambassador functionality allows your customers to collect points by referring friends through all available social channels.

Custom Activities

You decide for which activities on your site or in your store your customers can collect points. With this and other features our service may be used equally well in an online shop or a restaurant/bar for example.

API Support

The loyalty service API with its extensive documentation allows you to integrate the loyalty service into your site in any way you like.

Multichannel Support with myLoyalty card

myLoyalty is not only suitable for any kind of online shop. It’s also perfect for your retail stores. Using our loyalty program in your store is just as easy as using it online:

Every registered customer receives his personal loyalty card, which allows him to earn points when shopping offline. Each card has it’s own QR-Code and can simply be shown on the customers smartphone either by using the passport app or opening it through our website.
You, as the shop owner, can then scan the QR-code on the loyalty card of your customer with your own smartphone to see the current loyalty level of the customer. In case he purchased something, you can also credit him the points by scanning his loyalty card.

Order or print out the Loyalty Cards

In order to make myLoyalty even easier to use we also offer the possibility for not registered customers to participate in our loyalty program.
For that, all you need to do is to hand out printed loyalty cards to any, not yet registered customer in your shop. Such a card allows a customer to earn points without any registration needed – it’s absolutely anonymous. All the points will then be credited directly on to that card.
Of course it’s also possible for interested customers to register at myLoyalty later on. A registration has the advantage that a customer doesn’t have to worry about losing his card and any of his points.
After linking the card with a personal account at myLoyalty, all the previously collected points will then be transferred to that account.
Now the customer can earn points, online as well as offline, with just one personal account. They can even use different devices or link several loyalty cards to one account.

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