Recommender ServiceRecommender Service

Offer personalized recommendations to your customers

Our recommender service is designed to show your customers, products they might like as well – based on their user history. This allows your customers to learn about new products that you have to offer in your online shop.

Our system learns about your customers interests and, based on those information, offers personalized product recommendations.

For you as an online shops, this concept has several benefits to offer: First of all, our recommendation service will help to lower your bounce rate while raising your conversion rate at the same time. Other than that you will soon notice a higher shopping cart value of your customers. Because your customers are offered products that are within their interests, while they are browsing your shop, they are much more likely to try out new products.

Just as with all of our services, the recommender service can be used regardless of what technology or shop software you are using.

Because this service also uses our easy to integrate javascript snippets, the integration process is quick and easy to do and doesn’t require much technical know-how.

In order to let you use the service in whichever way you want, you can change easily change the design as well, so that it perfectly fits the style of your online shop.

Personalized Recommendations

Our dynam­ic systems cre­ates rec­ommendations based on the us­er history of your customers (e.g. pageviews)

Easy integration process without data supply

Our system is able to explore your websites con­tent on its own, that way it learns about all of your prod­ucts and your customer behav­ior si­multane­ously.
Howev­er you are also free to simply import all of your prod­uct details into your us­er interface by hand.

Choose your own design

In or­der to neatly include our ser­vice into your on­line shop, you have sev­eral design options which you can use to customize it howev­er you like.

Responsive Web Design

As with all of our ser­vices, our rec­ommender ser­vice is per­fect for ev­ery screen size as it’s opti­mized for responsive web design (RWD).

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