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To create a Website Service that is easy to use, we came up with an original concept and deliberately decided to avoid the well-known drag’n’drop system. Instead, our new usability concept let’s you create and design your website in just one data file. As a result, working on your website becomes much more time efficient and way easier.

Of course we want you to be able to create a website that doesn’t miss anything, which is why we made combining the Website Service with all of our other services very easy. By using our Form Service, for example, you can integrate a contact form into your website – or you could choose one of our many Snippets from our Snippet Service.

As we decided to focus on the usability of all our services, our Website Service is easy to use and also a great and efficient option for customers who aren’t as technophilic.

Innovating Usability Concept

In­stead of us­ing a common drag’n’drop system, we decided to come up with a new concept that al­lows you to cre­ate and ed­it your website in just one single data file.

Your own domain

Your website automat­ically has it’s unique URL. In case you already own a domain, you can chose to con­tinue us­ing that and simply display your Micromerce website under that domain.

Preview Function

This fea­ture al­lows you to pre­view all of your con­tent and check how your website is go­ing to look before you decide to put it on­line.

Choose a Snippet

You can improve your website even more by in­serting one or mul­ti­ple snip­pets. Because integrating our Snip­pet Ser­vice is so easy, you can quickly in­sert var­ious Snip­pets, e.g. Google Maps or a pic­ture gallery into your website and make it more interactive!

Personalized Templates

In or­der to make cre­ating your own website extra easy we already pro­vide you with a few templates that you can use. Howev­er if none of those is suit­able for you, you can also get a completely customized template.

Time Leap

If at any time you would like to go back to a pre­vi­ous draft of your texts or website, our time leap function lets you jump back to any ver­sion cre­ated in the last 90 days.

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