Efficient digitalization of business processes for software companies

Streamline, automate, and clarify processes - with simplicity.

Optimize your processes and establish central data management. With our automated solutions, you gain clear insights and can hit the ground running - you'll notice measurable success within the first few days.


Is that your current situation?


Inefficiency due to manual processes


Excessive workload for employees


Lack of transparency in processes and financial data


Fragmented IT landscape with poorly integrated tools


Limited resources and lack of expertise to implement digitalization

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We have the solution!

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We have the solution!


Automation of processes:

Together we identify the most time-consuming manual processes and prioritize them for automation.


360° view of the company:

Central dashboards and combined data sources provide detailed insights into your business. This improves decision-making and increases transparency for everyone involved.


Optimize the IT landscape:

Evaluate existing tools for their necessity and integration capability. Rely on solutions that can be easily integrated to eliminate data silos and improve collaboration.


Goal-oriented digitalization in iterative steps:

Instead of a large digitalization project, start with small, manageable sub-processes that can be implemented quickly. We can start immediately.


Facilitating support through strategic partnerships with seasoned expertise:

We solve our customers' problems as if they were our own and accompany the entire digitization process in your company.



Data-driven decisions

Our expertise and our easy-to-configure services allow you to quickly set up, starting from existing systems, dashboards with different integrations. You get an overview of your company within days.


Reduction of workload

By optimizing and digitalizing your business processes, you significantly reduce your workload and shorten processing times.


Greater flexibility in the design

Individual processes can be quickly and easily mapped via our platform and can also be subsequently adapted to the circumstances. The technology adapts to existing processes and enables interactive customization.

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Dr. Dana Noack (Geschäftsführerin)

We have been working with Micromerce for many years. This good cooperation prompted me to develop a completely individual CRM system tailored to our needs together with the Micromerce team. Our participant administration is now completely digital. We can now also create our documents at the touch of a button and the connection to our website is in place. This has reduced our workload enormously. All our wishes have been taken into account. The collaboration with the Micromerce team is efficient and professional and we are continuing to develop our digitization and improvement options together.

CAB Coaching Akademie Berlin GmbH

CAB Coaching Akademie Berlin GmbH

Dr. Dana Noack (Geschäftsführerin)

Operative business processes

Be inspired by our selected business processes and discover the possibilities of our platform.

Icon Customer management

Customer management

Optimizes interaction and communication with customers by collecting and analyzing customer data to improve sales opportunities and provide personalized experiences.

Icon Accounting management

Accounting management

Automates and manages financial transactions and reports, supports regulatory compliance and provides critical financial information for business management.

Icon Incoming invoice processing

Incoming invoice processing

Digitizes and automates the process of invoice processing, from capture to payment approval, to increase efficiency and minimize errors.

Icon Contract management

Contract management

Organizes and monitors contracts to ensure compliance with terms and conditions, minimize risk and optimize business relationships.

Icon Document management

Document management

Enables the efficient storage, organization and search of electronic documents to improve access and collaboration and ensure compliance.

Icon People management

People management

Covers all aspects of employee management, from onboarding to development and appraisal, to drive employee engagement and productivity.

Icon Application Management

Application Management

Simplifies the recruitment process by managing job postings, applicant data and communication to make selection efficient.

With these four steps we achieve your goals:


1. Kick-Off phase

In a joint kick-off, we gather insights into the current status and identify challenges.

Duration: 4 hours


2. Platform setup & configuration

Within a few days, we configure your individual system with corresponding templates for e.g. invoicing or e-mail dispatch.

Deployment time: 3-4 days


3. Handover for first use in the company

In a joint appointment, we present your individually configured system and hand it over for its first use in the company.

Duration: 2 hours


4. Review / Iterations

After deployment and use, we collect findings together and optimize the configuration as required.

Based on Effort

Kick step
Setup step
Handover step
Review step

3000+ completed
data and process migrations

Data and process experts with various industry experience


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