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We provide you with a unique, centrally accessible work management solution, which we tailored to the needs and requirements of your company and your employees.

We work with highly compatible common web technologies, open source components, cloud services and our self-developed Micromerce building blocks to create tailor-made solutions, Efficiently replace your current applications or expertly expand existing technologies.

This also ensures compatibility with all common software and web applications.

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Migration of fitness studio customers

Migration of fitness studio customers after several M&A transactions

  • Migration of more than 2500 studios

  • Use of Micromerce work management software as the Magicline migration back office

  • Building a highly scalable infrastructure that goes far beyond conventional ETL tools


Magicline data migration back office

Successful data migration with our powerful work management software

  • Configuration of our modules into a back office for data migrations

  • Fast initial setup and easy expansion through individual development

  • Processing terabytes of data

  • Mapping of the complete migration process across different departments

McFit Logo

McFit - The large migration

Millions of data records in the bag

  • Migration of more than 250 studios

  • Design and development of an automated export and transformation line

  • Recording the requirements for defining the transformation steps and content between the source and target systems

  • Support for studio migrations

Content maintenance for a medical training app

Innovative pharmaceutical company

Quick and easy exchange of training materials in an app - realized with Micromerce.

  • Quick and easy content maintenance for a medical training app

  • Micromerce modules enable the exchange of training materials

  • Independent maintenance and updating of content by the customer

  • Automatic rollout of changes

Support for coaching expert

Support for coaching expert

The info web app for coaches and participants

  • Info web app for coaches and participants

  • Provision of relevant information, documents, flipcharts and videos

  • Logical sequence of materials in the app

  • Attractive Unique Selling Point (USP) for the coaching provider

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Hermes is looking for the right cloud provider

The right cloud provider for a new infrastructure

  • Planning and implementation of test scenarios in the Google and Azure Cloud

  • Identification of relevant best practices of the respective cloud providers

  • Evaluation of high-level cloud services as a replacement for in-house solutions

  • Examination of connection variants between the cloud and the current locations

Hermes logistics center


A positive non-event: myHermes relaunch for private and business customers

  • Microservice architecture

  • Modular frontend with Vue.js and lightweight CMS integration

  • Technologies: Java, Spring Boot, Vue.js, Docker, PostgreSQL, AppAgile (OpenShift)

IT-Distributors pilot Computer

Website-Relaunch: IT-Distributor pilot Computer

Gradual renewal, improved content maintenance and smooth functionality

  • Step-by-step renewal, improved content maintenance and smooth functionality

  • Simplified operation and improved content maintenance for pilot

  • Gradual replacement of the legacy system without an extensive development project

  • Smooth functionality of Micromerce modules based on new technology

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