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Accounting management with our
customized solution

All your finances. Centralized. Clearly arranged. Individually customizable.

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We have the solution

The challenges in accounting management


Non-transparent data

What started out as a small solution often develops into an opaque Frankenstein construct in which nobody has an overview. As a result, there is a fear that nothing will work if there is a change.

Central and clear

That's why we have designed our accounting software to be centralized and clear so that you can keep an eye on everything. With our solution, you can keep control of your company figures and manage them clearly and comprehensibly. With consolidated views, you can also keep track of all branches, subsidiaries and business units - all in one place.


Lack of flexibility

Conventional accounting solutions can seem like a single piece of a puzzle. They don't always make it easy to coordinate projects with other departments. But when several people are involved and a deadline is approaching, you need to rely on one solution.

As flexible as you are

Our solution therefore offers individual approval processes. They have the advantage that they can be adapted to the specific requirements of your company to ensure efficient and smooth approval processes for documents and projects.

No more time-consuming number juggling - we offer you an accounting solution that meets your specific priorities.


Manual steps

Are you frustrated by the time-consuming manual steps in your bookkeeping?

Merging data and documents from different sources can be a tedious task.

Simply automated

Our accounting solution enables you to map your administration holistically and digitally so that you can dispense with manual steps.

With our user-friendly platform, you can automate repetitive tasks, capture and process data seamlessly and minimize sources of error. This not only saves you valuable time, but also improves the accuracy and reliability of your accounting.

All finances centralized

Easy access and overview. Our software solution is like a modular system and maps the following categories, for example:


Maintenance of supplier, customer and employee data


Automatic capture of receipts


Central storage of receipts and documents


Control and management of incoming and outgoing invoices


Creation of individual release processes

Alle Finanzen zentralisiert

Financial transparency through dashboards


Ensuring adherence to regulations and compliance


Financial planning and budgeting


Preparation of bookkeeping for e.g. DATEV


All data and information in one place

...and much more.


Benefit from our flexibility

We understand how important agile action is in view of the current market requirements. Our focus is on meeting your accounting needs quickly and flexibly. Many companies have already benefited from our support to expand and extend their systems. and expand their systems. Thanks to our optimized processes and modular components, we efficiently implement the individual requirements of our customers efficiently.

Profitieren Sie von unserer Flexibilität

Three scenarios to save time:

Central and clear management of accounting data

  • User-friendly interface for managing supplier, customer and employee data
  • Automatic capture and central storage of receipts
  • Save time when searching for information
Zentrale und übersichtliche Verwaltung der Buchhaltungsdaten

Automation and digitalization of accounting processes

  • Automated data collection and processing
  • Minimization of manual handling and reduction of error sources
  • Time savings, improved accuracy and reliability of accounting
  • Efficient optimization of accounting processes through a user-friendly platform
Automatisierung und Digitalisierung der Buchhaltungsprozesse

Personalized accounting reports and evaluations

  • Budget management based on defined processes and categories
  • Quick access to important financial data and analyses
  • Improved decision-making through meaningful and customized reports
Personalisierte Buchhaltungsberichte und Auswertungen
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