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Customized Contract Management. Automatic. Safe. Fast.

Manage your contracts automatically and control the lifecycle of a contract from the preparation to storage phase. Adaptable to your needs.


Is that your current situation?


Time-consuming manual processes and delayed offline contract signatures


Lack of transparency about current contracts and obligations


Lack of scheduling or deadline violations


Financial losses due to unwanted contract extensions

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We have the solution!

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We have the solution!


Digital contract management and signing:

Edit and manage your contracts digitally and finalize them at lightning speed using qualified electronic signatures.


360° view of your contracts:

Keep track of all processes and contracts and get a simple overview of rights and obligations.



By networking your contracts and content using integrations with other systems, you can create a seamless interplay of relevant data and processes in your company.



Reduction of workload

Through the optimization and digitalization of your business processes, you will significantly reduce the workload and shorten the processing times.



You have at all times transparency about the status of a contract and can also track which changes were made, when and by whom.


Legal safety and speed

The use of a qualified electronic signature (QES) creates legal safety in the process and allows to quickly process contracts with customers, applicants or suppliers.


Greater flexibility in the design

Customized processes can be quickly and easily mapped via our platform and also subsequently adapted to the circumstances. The technology adjusts itself to existing processes and enables interactive adaptation.


Seamless integrations

Micromerce offers extensive integration options that ensure a perfect interaction with existing systems and planned special solutions. We focus, in particular, on smooth integration to guarantee an outstanding user experience.

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Choice of business processes

Icon Approval process

Approval process

Decide in which cases which approval processes should be used and be sure that the processes are sufficiently checked.

Icon Qualified electronic signature (QES)

Qualified electronic signature (QES)

The Micromerce platform enables seamless integration of QES (qualified electronic signatures) with external service providers to ensure legal safety and to provide an ideal user experience.

Icon Lifecycle monitoring

Lifecycle monitoring

Maintain a centralized overview of the status, the duration and the renewal of your contracts. Receive, as well, timely reminders so that you can, if necessary, act promptly.

Icon Simple integration into existing processes

Simple integration into existing processes

The open service API offers an optimum integration into the existing IT structures and the option of integrating specialized tools to customize the entire process.

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