Incoming invoice processing for software companies

Invoice processing. Automated. Customized. Fast

Minimize the maintenance, processing and approval effort for invoices. Benefit from tailor-made approval procedures and fast, self-optimizing invoice recognition.


Is that your current situation?


Time-consuming manual entry of invoices


Missing or unclear approval processes


No transparency about the status of invoices


Poor data quality for invoice analyses

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We have the solution!


Workflow Management:

The combination of our Action and Workflow Services enables ideal automation of processes.


Extensive Networking Opportunities:

The Micromerce platform offers numerous integration options, facilitating the connection of various systems and thus enabling seamless data exchange and process flow.


Individual Customization:

All workflows, approval processes, or data structures can be tailored to the specific wishes and needs.


360° Company View:

Through the use of central dashboards and the ability to connect additional data sources, a comprehensive overview of the status of all invoices and suppliers can be quickly obtained.


Analysis with Generative AI:

Utilizing generative AI allows for automatic recognition of invoices and receipts, providing a reliable assessment of recognition quality.



Data-Driven Decision Making

Our expertise and easily configurable services enable rapid setup of dashboards with various integrations from existing systems. Within days, you'll gain an overview of your company.


Reduction of Workload

By optimizing and digitizing your business processes, you significantly reduce your workload and shorten processing times.


Increased Flexibility in Design

Through our platform, individual processes can be easily and quickly mapped and adjusted to fit the circumstances. The technology adapts to existing processes and enables interactive adjustments.

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Capabilities of the Micromerce Platform

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Processing Large Volumes of Data

Our processes, software, and infrastructure are designed to handle large volumes of data and are dynamically scalable.

Icon Individuelle Dashboards

Customized Dashboards

Transparency throughout the company is a crucial element for identifying inefficiencies and fostering scalability. Our analyses and tailored dashboards offer a comprehensive view of your data and company operations.

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We provide integration with a variety of third-party systems, facilitating swift and straightforward initial analysis while ensuring ongoing accessibility to all data and information.

Icon Workflow-Engine

Workflow Engine

Through our workflow engine, we facilitate the mapping of complex processes, whether initiated manually or executed automatically in the background. Approval processes, data synchronization, and automated invoicing are just a few examples of the capabilities available.

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