Improvement of internal business processes and workflows in SMEs

Automation of business processes from contract to accounting management

Reduce manual processes in the company by up to 40% while increasing the quality of internal processes at the same time


Is that your current situation?


Manual processes cause inefficiency.


Employees are burdened with excessive workload.


Many non-automated processes lead to quality issues.


Lack of integration between existing systems.


No overview of possible automations.

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We have the solution!

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We have the solution!


Workflow Management:

The combination of our action and workflow services enables ideal automation of processes.


Extensive Networking Opportunities:

The Micromerce platform offers numerous integration options, facilitating the connection of various systems and thus ensuring smooth data exchange and process flow.


360° View of the Company:

Keep track of all processes and data, seamlessly transitioning from execution to monitoring and control of your operations.


Guidance from Experienced Partners:

We address our clients' problems as if they were our own, accompanying the entire digitalization process within your company.



Reduction of workload

By optimizing and digitizing your business processes, you significantly reduce your workload and shorten processing times.


Greater flexibility in the design

Individual processes can be mapped quickly and easily via our platform and can also be subsequently adapted to the circumstances. The technology adapts to existing processes and enables interactive customization.


Increased customer satisfaction

Faster and error-free processing of issues, options for self-service and targeted customer support increase customer satisfaction.

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Some capabilities of the Micromerce Platform

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Scalability and Rapid Responsiveness

The distributed and scalable architecture of the Micromerce platform enables uninterrupted scaling while maintaining rapid responsiveness for all users, even when dealing with millions of data points or terabytes of documents.

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Custom Dashboards

Transparency across the company is a crucial element in identifying inefficiencies and fostering scalability. Our analyses and custom dashboards provide a 360-degree view of your data and your company.

Icon Flexibles Datenmodell

Flexible Data Model

A significant strength of the Micromerce platform lies in the individual mapping of processes and data, particularly in defining data models. All entities and connections between data (e.g. customer data, contract data or documents) can be easily customized.

Icon Workflow engine

Workflow engine

By using our workflow engine, we enable the mapping of complex processes that are started manually or run completely automatically in the background. Approval processes, data synchronization or automatic invoicing are just a small selection of the possibilities.

With these four steps we achieve your goals:


1. Kick-Off

In a joint kick-off, we gather initial insights into the current situation and identify challenges and relevant stakeholders.

Duration:4 hours


2. Platform Setup & Configuration

Within a few days, we configure your customized system with appropriate templates for tasks such as invoice generation or email dispatch.

Deployment Time: 3-4 Days


3. Handover for Initial Company Use

During a collaborative session, we present your individually configured system and hand it over for initial use within the company.

Duration: 2 Hours


4. Review / Iterations (Based on Effort)

Following deployment and usage, we gather insights together and optimize the configuration as needed for continuous peak performance.

Based on Effort

Kick step
Setup step
Handover step
Review step

3000+ completed
data and process migrations

Data and process experts with various industry experience


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