Increase efficiency in all business processes for SMEs

Analysis, evaluation and optimization - iterative and simple

Identify optimization opportunities in your company at lightning speed. With the support of our Micromerce platform, we analyze your data and processes efficiently. Experience the first measurable successes after just a short time.


Is that your current situation?


Lack of transparency regarding efficiency and effectiveness within the company


Continuous need to recruit new employees


Excessive workload for existing staff


High proportion of manual processes


Insufficient use of technological solutions

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We have the solution!

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We have the solution!


Facilitating support through strategic partnerships with seasoned expertise:

We solve our customers' problems as if they were our own and accompany the entire digitization process in your company.


Data analysis:

The Micromerce platform enables efficient and fast handling of large amounts of data by simplifying the import, combination and use of this data from different systems for valuable insights.


Goal-oriented digitalization in iterative steps:

Instead of a large digitization project, start with small, manageable sub-processes that can be implemented quickly. We can start immediately.


360° company view:

Central dashboards and combined data sources provide detailed insights into your company. This improves decision-making and increases transparency for everyone involved. Inefficiencies can be identified and addressed precisely and promptly in future.


Automation of processes:

Together, we identify the most time-consuming manual processes and prioritize them for automation.



Experienced employees

Internationally experienced employees support you in the analysis, evaluation and optimization of your data and processes. Together, we find the right mix between analysis and implementation and ensure immediate results.


Data-driven decisions

Our expertise and our easy-to-configure services allow you to quickly set up dashboards with different integrations from existing systems. You get an overview of your company within days.


Reduction of workload

By optimizing and digitizing your business processes, you can significantly reduce your workload and shorten processing times.


Greater flexibility in the design

Individual processes can be mapped quickly and easily via our platform and can also be subsequently adapted to the circumstances. The technology adapts to existing processes and enables interactive customization.

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Selection of business processes

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Scalability and fast
response behavior

The distributed and scalable architecture of the Micromerce platform enables uninterrupted scaling while maintaining a fast response for all users, even when millions of data or terabytes of documents are involved.

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Processing of
large amounts of data

Our processes, software and infrastructure are designed to process huge volumes of data and are dynamically scalable.

Icon Individual dashboards

Individual dashboards

Transparency across the company is an important building block for discovering inefficiencies and creating scalability. Our evaluations and individual dashboards provide a 360° view of your data and your company.

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We offer the integration of many different third-party systems, so that an initial analysis can be carried out quickly and easily, but it can also be subsequently ensured that all data and information is always easily accessible.

With these four steps we achieve your goals:


1. Kick-Off phase

In a joint kick-off, we gather initial insights into the current situation and identify challenges and relevant stakeholders.

Duration:1-2 Tage


2. Analysis phase

A more precise recording of the processes and challenges ensures the identification of optimization potential in the process and provides all the insights for an ideal platform setup. The analysis is supported by the data from your relevant IT systems.

Processing time: 2 weeks


3. Presentation of the evaluation

We present the results of the analysis in a joint meeting and discuss the recommendations for action and next steps.

Duration: 4 hours


4. Review / Iterations

Depending on the results of the analyses and suggestions, we provide or support direct implementation. Collected findings are directly incorporated and we optimize your business processes through iterations.

Based on Effort

Kick step
Setup step
Handover step
Review step

3000+ completed
data and process migrations

Data and process experts with various industry experience


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