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Google Search Console is a free web service offered by Google that helps webmasters and SEO professionals monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot their site's presence in Google Search results. It provides insights into how Google crawls and indexes your site, helping you optimize your website for better visibility and performance. With Google Search Console, users can submit sitemaps, check for crawl errors, view search traffic data, and receive alerts about site issues. This tool is essential for understanding how your site is performing in search and for improving its search engine optimization (SEO).

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Key Features:

  • Performance Monitoring: Track your site's performance in Google Search results.
  • Search Analytics: View search queries, impressions, clicks, and position data.
  • Index Coverage: Monitor how Googlebot crawls and indexes your site's pages.
  • URL Inspection: Check the indexing status and see how Google renders your pages.
  • Security Issues: Receive alerts for security issues affecting your site in search results.


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