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Hermes is looking for the right cloud provider

The Search Starts: The right cloud provider for a new infrastructure

Hermes Germany, based in Hamburg, is a leading logistics service provider in Germany and a partner to numerous online stores and multi-channel retailers in Germany and abroad. Hermes Germany focuses on national and international parcel delivery and the handling of upstream goods flows worldwide. The consumer logistics provider has become the largest postal-independent delivery service provider to private customers in the B2C and C2C sectors in Germany.

Not a trivial choice: Micromerce provided extensive support in carrying out a proof of concept to select a new cloud provider. The aim was to find a suitable provider for the current infrastructure while keeping simplicity in mind. It should be as easy as possible for a functional team to develop an application for the new cloud and to operate it there. Micromerce supported the setup of the proof of concept and accompanied the internal development team during the implementation.

Micromerce supported the creation of the macro architecture guidelines and derived recommendations for action from them. Micromerce provided advice on setting up account, network and security structures within the cloud.

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The Solution Service is the central building block and the heart of our individualized customer solutions.



Further details of the solution:


Planning and implementation of test scenarios in the Google and Azure Cloud


Identification of relevant best practices of the respective cloud providers


Evaluation of high-level cloud services as a replacement for in-house solutions


Examination of connection variants between the cloud and the current locations


Preparation of the results to support the decision


Technologies: Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes, Terraform

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