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McFit - The large migration

McFit - The large migration: millions of data records in the bag

With more than two million customers worldwide, RSG Group GmbH is a leader in the fitness and lifestyle sectors. The Group's well-known brands include the JOHN REED brands, including JOHN REED Fitness Music Club, JOHN REED Women's Club, JOHN & JANE'S and THE REED, as well as the studio chains McFIT, High5 and the world's best-known fitness brand, Gold's Gym.

The member, studio and booking data of the McFit sports studios in various countries was to be migrated from different source systems and from different providers to a new common provider.

Micromerce supported the new provider Magicline, designed and implemented a suitable migration infrastructure, analyzed the data for the transformation into the target format and developed the export and transformation components. In close cooperation, the RSG Group, Magicline and Micromerce developed the transformation logic iteratively and together achieved an optimal migration result.

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The advantages in a nutshell:


Design and development of an automated export and transformation line


Recording the requirements for defining the transformation steps and content between the source and target systems


Evolution of the transformation


Support for studio migrations


Technologies used include Node, AWS, Windows Server, Postgres, MSSQL Server

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