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A positive non-event: myHermes relaunch for private and business customers

Hermes Germany, based in Hamburg, is a leading logistics service provider in Germany and a partner to numerous online stores and multi-channel retailers in Germany and abroad. Hermes Germany focuses on national and international parcel delivery and the handling of upstream goods flows worldwide. The consumer logistics provider has become the largest postal-independent delivery service provider to private customers in the B2C and C2C sectors in Germany.

Micromerce supported Hermes in the new development of the private and business customer portal with consulting and development services in the areas of Java development and microservices.

The existing web applications had to be redeveloped in order to ensure intuitive usability of the planned portal and to significantly shorten the development cycles. The development process and technology selection were renewed: agile working and a modern microservice tech stack formed the basis of the project. This formed the basis for the technologically independent new development of the portal. Thanks to continuous, early integration, it was possible to gradually switch off the old applications, thus avoiding a big bang changeover. The completion of the project and the transition to continuous product development were also a positive non-event.

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The Solution Service is the central building block and the heart of our individualized customer solutions.





Microservice architecture


Modular frontend with Vue.js and lightweight CMS integration


Technologies: Java, Spring Boot, Vue.js, Docker, PostgreSQL, AppAgile (OpenShift)

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