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Easily edit and personalize your website content

The Snippet Service differs greatly from common content management systems as we do not try to solve all problems with it. We rather created a simple solution for you to easily edit and personalize parts of your website. Because of this focus and reduction of complexity usage of the service is very simple.

Like with all our services you can use the Snippet Service no matter where your website is hosted or what server technology you are backed by.


Display different content depending on the interests of your customers. Show a coupon to undecided customers to give them an incentive to order their basket.


With the help of our services the marketing department of one of customers can edit and personalize content on their own without the assistance of a developer.


An outdated content management system can be migrated away from step by step with the support of our services.

Admin Interface

Ed­it the con­tent of your snip­pet. Pre­view live and draft ver­sions of your con­tent. Find in­structions on how to integrate the snip­pet into your website.


You can cre­ate differ­ent variants of your con­tent and decide, which us­er gets to see which. This al­lows you to show exis­t­ing customers differ­ent con­tent than new customers.

Draft/Live Preview

View live and draft ver­sions of your con­tent di­rectly on your website. See exactly what your page looks like before pub­lish­ing ed­ited con­tent to your users.

Personalied Templates

No matter what your business is about – our templates can be customized to any website. We’ve created several templates which you can easily edit and change so that they exactly fit your needs.

Time Leap

If at any time you would like to go back to a previous draft of your texts or website, our time leap function lets you jump back to any version created in the last 90 days.

Collaborate With Others

To allow for a fast and easy collaboration with other Micromerce users you can give them access to your admin interface and let them edit or publish content of your page.

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