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Benefits of our CRM


Securely automated

Manual data updating and organization create the risk of errors, such as outdated customer information, which can lead to inefficient workflows and possible customer frustration.

By seamlessly transitioning from manual processes to a centralized and automated system, companies can save time and resources. With Micromerce's CRM, customer data can be efficiently captured, organized and updated, increasing productivity and minimizing human error. Automating tasks such as data updating, reporting and customer communication allows companies to focus on their core competencies, while providing a better customer experience.


As dynamic as your business

Lack of integration and communication between different systems and databases leads to inconsistent customer data and increased workload for employees: they have to switch between different tools and manually reconcile data. In addition, inflexible software that changes the entire organizational structure in a single step can create unnecessary challenges.

Micromerce's CRM solution offers companies the flexibility to implement the software iteratively and piecemeal to enable seamless integration into their existing processes. Additionally, it enables smooth data exchange with a variety of external systems. This allows companies to make efficient use of their existing tools and databases and benefit from centralized customer data management.


Simply individual

A CRM system with an overwhelming number of functions that are not relevant can confuse employees and make training difficult. As a result, important tasks may be neglected and productivity impaired.

Regardless of whether you want to use informative reports and dashboards or jointly manage a customer, our Customer Relationship Management puts the reins in your hands. Benefit from flexible accounting management. Track changes in a clear history. Or send a newsletter to your customers. The most important thing: all functions are only those you truly utilize.

Efficient Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Our customized solution provides you with a digital platform for managing all your customer data and sales materials. Regardless of whether you need to automate business processes, generate meaningful analyses or the seamlessly integrate with external tools and systems - our solution solution offers you flexibility and efficiency. Maintain full control over your financial management, track changes in a clear history log and communicate effectively with your customers. Decide for yourself which functions you want to use - our customized customer management adapts to your individual requirements.


Clear and central.

The Micromerce CRM solution provides you with a comprehensive platform, that centralizes all required functions - a unique selling point of our software. Here are some of the features of our customer management software:


Maintain customer data: Manage contacts from the first point of contact to the completion of the entire process.


Maximum automation: Automate manual processes to save time and resources.


Efficient accounting management: Create invoices and manage the dunning process effortlessly.


Tracking with change history: Keep track of all changes thanks to a comprehensive change history for seamless tracking.


Comprehensive communication history: Keep all relevant information at a glance.


Control marketing processes: Send newsletters and control your marketing activities.


Seamless data exchange: Integrate your CRM solution with various external systems.


Meaningful reports and dashboards: Get versatile evaluations for a comprehensive overview.

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Micromerce CRM is right for you if...

The Micromerce CRM solution provides you with a comprehensive platform, that combines all the necessary functions centrally - a unique selling point of our software. Here are some of the features of our customer management software:


You want to work efficiently in a team:

With Micromerce CRM, you can easily collaborate as a team. Share customer data, track activities and communicate seamlessly. A user-friendly solution that requires no special training.


You want a traceable data history:

Keep track of all activities and changes with Micromerce CRM. Every interaction and every update is documented transparently. You have full control and can track the progress at any time.


You want to manage customer data efficiently:

Replace tedious Excel lists and contact apps with Micromerce CRM. Maintain customer data efficiently and centrally. Automate processes and increase productivity.


You want to digitize cleverly:

No "big bang" required! With Micromerce CRM, you can digitize step by step. Start with sub-areas and achieve immediate efficiency gains. With flexibility and less stress for your company.

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