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Singular is a marketing intelligence platform that provides unified marketing analytics and optimization solutions for businesses. It enables marketers to gather data across various channels and campaigns, offering insights to optimize return on ad spend (ROAS) and user acquisition strategies. Singular's platform integrates data from multiple sources into a single dashboard, facilitating better decision-making and performance tracking across digital marketing efforts.

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Key Features:

  • Unified Marketing Analytics: Provides a single view of marketing performance across channels.
  • Attribution: Tracks and measures campaign effectiveness and ROI.
  • Optimization: Optimizes marketing spend and user acquisition strategies.
  • Data Integration: Integrates data from multiple sources for comprehensive insights.
  • Reporting: Generates customizable reports to visualize and analyze marketing performance.


Our Micromerce integrations enable us to implement all your business processes and individual requirements thanks to customized configurations.However, before you start worrying about which integrations are the right combination for you, take a look at the solution packages that we have already put together for our customers over the years.